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About City

Simulated practice

Developing your confidence and skills to prepare you for placements and practice

“City’s method of teaching through Simulated Practice means students have the skills and confidence for their placements and work as another member of the professional team.”

Jonathan Warren, Chief Nurse Deputy CEO, East London Foundation Trust

As a student studying Adult, Child or Mental Health Nursing at City, you will spend around 40% of your time on placement at one of our partner trusts or private healthcare providers. One of the most of important factors we consider when designing your course is making sure that you are prepared for placements and have the skills and confidence you need to learn, develop and enjoy the fantastic opportunities placements give you.

So how do we do this? As a student nurse your time at university will not just be spent in a classroom learning theory (there is some of this of course, it’s very important) but in the simulated practice environment: state-of-the-art clinical skills facilities which mirror real hospital wards.

Our Clinical Skills Centre has two six bed wards where you will work with specially designed medical manikins, which can be programmed to present with various health conditions like breathing and heart problems and equipment including piped oxygen, call bells, medicines, emergency and moving and handling equipment, just like you would find on a real ward. This style of teaching allows you to develop and practice your skills in safe, yet realistic environment, feeling prepared for treating real patients when you are on placement.

Turning practice into practise