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About City

Visual Impairment Clinic

Help for those with poor vision.

If you are visually impaired, we may be able to help you by providing a low vision aid such as such as a spectacle telescope, magnifier or electronic device. Our expert staff will carefully assess the nature of your visual impairment and recommend which form of device is likely to be most effective for you.

During term time these clinics are teaching clinics, however a limited number of appointments are available during vacation periods.


Residents of the Camden and Islington Health Authority area are entitled to receive this service free of charge.

Patients resident outside the Camden and Islington Health Authority area who are registered partially sighted (sight impaired) or blind (severely sight impaired) are entitled to a free NHS assessment.

Patients who are not entitled to an NHS assessment: there is no charge if examined in the teaching clinic. However charges may apply if these patients are seen in vacation periods. Please contact the clinic office for further information.