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Binocular Vision Clinic

Getting both eyes to work together.

Having two eyes not only give us a larger field of view but also allows us to judge distances with exquisite accuracy. However, having two eyes also sets the brain a big challenge because each eye has to be positioned very accurately. Occasionally things go wrong and the eyes are misaligned. In severe cases this leads to a squint which can cause double vision or lead to a "lazy eye" if it occurs in childhood.

More subtle misalignment of the eyes can lead to "eye strain", headaches and other symptoms.

We have excellent facilities for the investigation and management of patients with these binocular vision problems. We may be able to help you by giving eye exercises, spectacles or referring you for other interventions. Most appointments are offered in the teaching clinic, which is supervised by optometrists who have specialised in this area.. A limited number of appointments are available in private staff clinics during vacation periods.