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About City

Postgraduate study

Discover our range of postgraduate courses.

The School of Health Sciences is a leading provider of postgraduate education in healthcare and health and social care policy and practice. Postgraduate students learn with academic staff who are clinical practitioners and engaged in interdisciplinary research across the fields of nursing, midwifery, food policy, health policy, psychology, management and research, optometry, public health, radiography and language and communication science. Their work is transforming the provision of healthcare services in the UK and internationally.

The School of Health Sciences believes that exceptional academic and clinical performance should be recognised and rewarded, we therefore have several scholarships available for students. Visit the School of Health Sciences Postgraduate funding page for more information.

Master's courses

Our flexible postgraduate Masters courses allow students to further develop clinical skills in specialist practice areas or to develop in-depth knowledge in areas relating to clinical practice, health policy, health management, health research, and leadership.

Our Master's courses start in September each year, though some also offer the opportunity to begin studying in January. Please refer to the details next to each programme below.

Our Advanced Practice in Health and Social Care Master's programmes include routes in:

Additionally, we offer the following Master’s courses:

Postgraduate Diplomas and pre-registration courses

Our graduate-entry courses allow graduates from other disciplines to gain a pre-registration health qualification in approximately two years as opposed to the usual three or four - providing a fast-track route into health professions. Courses start in September each year, and options include:

The following courses are designed for health professionals who wish to gain a second registration in midwifery, health visiting, school and district nursing. Courses start in September each year, unless stated otherwise below:

Top-up-courses and post-registration

Our range of post-registration courses for health and social care professionals allow practitioners to "top-up" their existing qualification to degree level or gain a second specialisation. For overseas nurses, courses provide a route to qualification for practice in the UK.

Research degrees

The School of Health Sciences is committed to developing the future research, practice and policy leaders for the healthcare sector. With world class researchers and experienced practitioners leading our courses, students graduate with a high level of skill in research methods and in the implementation of evidence-based care. Find out more.

Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPPD)

Our CPPD course portfolio offers students various levels and periods of flexible study, from stand-alone modules from our masters programmes that can be built up to achieve a full postgraduate degree, to short and day courses and bespoke training developed with partners to meet their workforce needs. Find out more.