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About City

MSc Projects with Shula Chiat

General research interests

Shula's research interests focus on the psycholinguistic processes involved in language acquisition - how children process the input they receive to establish the connections between forms and meanings in their language. She has pursued these interests in research on typical language development, specific language impairment in children, and phonological problems in children.

Suggested MSc projects

Projects for which you would collect and analyse the data, either from typically developing children, or if you have access to them in your workplace, children with language impairments:

  • The relationship between immediate repetition, delayed repetition and fast mapping in preschool children
  • Comparison of verbal and nonverbal processing of events in preschool or school-age children
  • Comparison of children's repetition of questions and statements matched for length and complexity
  • Relationship between parental report of early vocabulary and early social, emotional and behavioural adjustment
  • The relationship between sociocognitive skills and language in preschool or school-age children

Projects for which you would analyse existing datasets:

  • Why does some children's language deteriorate in the preschool years?
  • What differentiates late talkers who 'normalise' by 4-5 years from those who do not?
  • The relationship between early phonological skills and later morphosyntactic skills

MSc projects supervised over the last 5 years

  • An investigation of verb processing in language-impaired children
  • Development of a syntactic comprehension assessment tool for use with Greek pre-school children
  • Development of a syntactic production assessment tool for use with Greek pre-school children
  • Development of a vocabulary comprehension assessment tool for use with Greek pre-school children
  • Development of a vocabulary production assessment tool for use with Greek pre-school children
  • The effects of a prosodically modified model on lexical production by children who make errors in polysyllabic words
  • A study of the emergence of verbal aspect in Greek
  • An evaluation of phonological intervention for children with word-finding problems
  • Procedural narrative skills following traumatic brain injury
  • Development in expressing motion events in Japanese
  • The relationship between utterance length, syntactic complexity and speech fluency in a young stammering child
  • Do children exploit phonological cues to grammatical class in word learning? An investigation into the influence of lexical stress
  • Ages and stages of the acquisition of four selected case markers in Sinhala
  • An investigation into the acquisition of Arabic consonants by children in Saudi Arabia
  • A sociocultural investigation of joint attention and empathy in two-year-old children
  • Investigating symbolic functioning and language development in children with Down syndrome
  • Investigation of lexical processing difficulties in an adult with a developmental language/literacy disorder
  • The quest for markers of language ability: Are nonsense word repetition and sentence recall abilities related to each other and to other language skills in normally developing children?
  • An investigation of symbolic understanding in children from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds
  • A comparison of joint attention with mother and stranger
  • Effects of prosodic structure on 3-4 year olds' learning of novel verbs and nouns (2 students)
  • Evaluation of factors influencing the performance of typically developing 2-4 year olds on novel assessments of joint attention and symbolic understanding (3 students)
  • An investigation of the role of syntax and semantics in

    providing 'top-down' support for short-term memory as measured in sentence repetition tasks

  • A comparative study of the effectiveness of different speech and language group interventions for preschool children with Specific Language Impairment
  • An investigation of phonological awareness and letter knowledge in Arabic-speaking children
  • An investigation of performance of typically developing Saudi children on a sentence repetition test

Key words

DLI, SLI, language development, phonological processing