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About City

MSc Projects with Penny Roy

Research interests

Penny research interests include:

  • The role of phonological and sociocognitive processing skills in typical and atypical language development;
  • The relationship between language and social, emotional and behavioural development;
  • The effects of early adverse parenting, deprivation and neglect on early development and children's capacity to access education.

Her research work has included the development of preschool measures and assessments.

Suggested MSc projects

Projects for which you would collect and analyse the data, either from typically developing children, or if you have access to them in your workplace, children with language impairments:

  • The relationship between immediate repetition, delayed repetition and fast mapping in preschool children.
  • Comparison of verbal and nonverbal processing of events in preschool or school-age children.
  • Comparison of children's repetition of questions and statements matched for length and complexity.
  • Relationship between parental report of early vocabulary and early social, emotional and behavioural adjustment
  • The relationship between sociocognitive skills and language in preschool or school-age children.

Projects for which you would analyse existing datasets:

  • Why does some children's language deteriorate in the preschool years?
  • What differentiates late talkers who 'normalise' by 4-5 years from those who do not?
  • The relationship between early phonological skills and later morphosyntactic skills

Previous MSc projects supervised

Penny has supervised a number of projects on deafness and literacy; phonological awareness and representation; non-word repetition; early development; language and behaviour.