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About City

MSc Projects with Nicola Botting

Research interests / key words  

Specific Language Impairment (SLI); Developmental disorders;  Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD); Language and Cognition; Atypical Gesture; Pragmatic Language Impairments; Emotional correlates of language; Longitudinal studies / follow ups.

Suggested MSc projects

  • Working memory, language and ADHD in children  (eventually to be part of a wider project)This would involve administering assessments of ADHD, language and working memory to groups of children in primary school settings
  • Cognitive Inhibition and SLI

Exploring impulsivity and inhibition recognised as having a language impairment.  That is, can they resist saying the right word to the right picture, or stop pressing a computer key when a particular animal appears.

  • A comparison of Quality of Life in young adults with SLI compared to young adults with acquired language difficulties

Using recognised quality of life instruments (interviews with individuals and carers) to tease out the different issues for these groups.

  • Exploring the verbal and non-verbal nature of memory tasks in relation to language ability (in typical development)

Designing a continuum of memory tasks from clearly verbal to clearly non verbal with a range in the middle and looking for associations with performance on these
with performance on language tasks.

Current MSc project supervision

Narrative in children with communication impairments: LI and ASD - in progress