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About City

MSc Projects with Jo Verhoeven

General research interests

My research interests are:

  • Tone and intonation,
  • Regional variation in the phonetic characteristics of Belgian Dutch 
  • Speech production disorders with specific emphasis on the relationship between Foreign Accent Syndrome, Dysarthria and Apraxia of speech.
  • Dysprosody and the phonetic description of dysarthric speech.

Suggested MSc projects

  • The devoicing of fricatives in English
    The English language system contrasts voiced and voiceless fricatives. This project investigates the presence/absence of vocal fold vibration as a cue to voicing in the English fricatives in a sample group of 20 speakers.
  • An electropalatography study of dysarthria
    This project aims to investigate the articulatory characteristics of a specific type of dysarthria by means of electropalatography. This techniques allows for an objective measurement of various aspects of articulation and may contribute to a better insight in the speech problems of the dysarthria type under investigation.
  • The phonetic characteristics of Foreign Accent Syndrome
    Foreign Accent Syndrome is a rare motor speech disorder in which the pronunciation characteristics of the patient are changed in such a way that the patient’s speech is recognized as foreign. This project aims to describe the pronunciation and language features of one specific patient.


English phonetics, speech pathology