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About City

MSc Projects with Lucy Dipper

General research interests

I am interested in the effect of language impairment upon gesture; cognition; and verb & sentence processing. I am happy to supervise any projects which involve the use of linguistics (semantics, syntax and pragmatics) to investigate language and communication.

Suggested MSc projects

Language and gesture

  • How does aphasia affect gesturing?
  • How does SLI affect gesturing? 

Language and cognition

  • How do language and cognition interact in, so-called, 'thinking for speaking' (Slobin, 1996)?
  • Does aphasia affect 'thinking for speaking'?
  • Does child language impairment affect 'thinking for speaking'?

Previous MSc projects


  • Comprehension and Production of verbs: Normative data.
  • Comprehension and Production of verbs: case studies of adults with non-fluent aphasia.
  • Sampling language production in non-fluent aphasia on a task using everyday utterances.
  • The Boston Naming Test in Greek: Normative data and the effects of age and education
  • Recovery patterns in Right Hemisphere Communication Disorders
  • Conversation analysis of 3 individuals with right hemisphere language problems


  • Comprehension and Production of verbs: data from normally developing children aged 3yrs and 5yrs
  • Case Study: Comprehension and Production of noun and verb morphology by an adolescent with Down Syndrome
  • The use of Standard English and Black English by male adolescents in a South London school

Key words

Linguistics, aphasia, cognition, semantics, syntax, pragmatics, language, communication, verbs