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About City

MSc Projects with Lia Litosseliti

Research interests

a) Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis
b) Language and Gender
c) Research Methodologies, Research Methods in Linguistics

Suggested MSc projects

  • 'Gendered Discourses in Speech and Language Therapy'

This project will examine possible gendered assumptions in SLT, with particular reference to how such views may influence people's choice of a career in SLT. The project will explore the relationships between the perceived desirability and the perceived gender appropriateness of a career in SLT, and the ways in which these perceptions or 'discourses' may facilitate or hinder people's career choices in this area. Data on the perceived gendered nature of SLT as a career option will be collected via questionnaires, interviews and focus groups with SLT students and professionals.

  •  In general, projects where the research questions can be most appropriately addressed through qualitative methodologies (e.g. linguistic/content analysis, focus groups, interviews).   

Previous MSc projects

Lia has supervised projects focused on: Bilingualism (e.g. Punjabi/English, Swedish/English); Code-Switching, particularly with different communication partners; Gender and Narrative Development; Semantic and Pragmatic Difficulties in Children; Gender in Speech and Language Therapy; Diversity and Cultural Competence of Speech and Language Therapists.


Linguistics, discourse, gender, research methodologies