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About City

Continuing Personal and Professional Development (CPPD) at City, University of London

City, University of London, has a long and respected history of delivering CPPD courses and workforce development to health, allied health and social care sector employers throughout London and the surrounding counties. As a leading provider of health care education and research, both in the UK and overseas, we work with trusts, government and private providers to deliver academic qualifications, training and skills updates to meet employers and employee’s needs.

Our CPPD course portfolio offers students various levels and periods of flexible study, from stand-alone modules from our masters programmes* that can be built up to achieve a full postgraduate degree, to short and day courses and bespoke training developed with partners to meet their workforce needs.

CPPD for healthcare professionals

Our programmes are designed for health, allied health and social care professionals who are looking to increase or update their knowledge and skills in the specific area that they work in or those who wish to explore new areas and develop a broader skills-set. We equip practitioners to think critically, act responsibly and lead proactively to meet the ever changing challenges faced by health care professionals. We work with our partners to regularly review our course portfolio to ensure the provision offered meets the needs of the health sector.

We have expertise across a diverse subject area within the healthcare sector including nursing, midwifery, health management, policy and research, radiotherapy and radiography, speech, language and communication, mental health nursing and optometry.

*we also offer BSc modules from our BSc top up programmes