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About City

Contact us

Support for applying to the School of Health Sciences undergraduate and pre-registration courses

The School of Health Sciences’ Admission Team ensures that all applications are processed in accordance with UCAS and City, University of London guidelines. They assess people’s qualifications, run selection days and process applicant offers for the following courses –

  • BSc & MSc Adult Nursing
  • BSc & PgDip Midwifery
  • BSc & MSc Child Nursing
  • BSc & MSc Mental Health Nursing
  • MSc Adult and Mental Health
  • BSc Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging)
  • BSc Radiography (Radiotherapy and Oncology)
  • BSc (Hons) Speech and Language Therapy
  • BSc Speech and Language Science
  • MSc Speech and Language Therapy
  • Introduction to Health Sciences

How do I get in touch with the School of Health Sciences Admissions team?

Email: health@city.ac.uk
Telephone: (0) 20 7040 5000 (please press option 1)

What should you contact the team about?

You can contact the Admissions Team if you need help or advice with the following -  
Your application
The UCAS application process
Your qualifications (UK/EU/International)
Choosing references
Admissions deadlines
Our Selections Days and Open Days.

How can you get further advice for completing your application?

We will be running drop-in-sessions for prospective applicants who would like advice and support with their application for our undergraduate and pre-registration courses within the School of Health Sciences. This will be an informal opportunity for applicants to discuss any questions they have with a member of our Admissions Team. Contact the team at health@city.ac.uk for more information or to book a place.

**Please note** these sessions are only to advise applicants and is not a guarantee of an interview or offer of a place on our courses.

Choosing your courses

How do I choose the right course for me?

Take a look at the courses we offer and see which area interests you the most

What are the entry criteria for each programme?

You can check the entry criteria by visiting the relevant course pages and clicking on the ‘Entry requirements’ from the drop-down menu. (If you are an international applicant, you can check if your qualifications are comparable by using UK NARIC)

Can I speak to a current/past student?

Below are the various ways in which you can hear from current students and alumni -

Do I need work experience?

Work experience can help with your personal statement and upcoming interviews. For some of our programmes, such as Radiography, a clinical visit must be completed and is a mandatory part of the application process. Where this is the case, it will be outlined in the ‘Entry requirements’ section of the course page.

What else are you looking for?

We look for an awareness and good understanding of health-related issues. Keep up-to-date with the latest news and discoveries within your particular sector.

Qualifications and Certificates

What are UCAS Tariff points?

Applicants can also check the UCAS Tariff Calculator for more information. Our course pages outline how many UCAS Tariff points are required for each course.

Do you accept a combination of qualifications?

Some of our courses will accept a combination of qualifications. We only accept a combination of A-Level’s & BTEC’s in relevant subjects (e.g. Health or Sciences). If you are unsure, please contact the School of Health Sciences Admissions Team.

How do I check my overseas qualifications?

UK NARIC is a useful tool for checking overseas qualifications and if they are comparable to the required UK entry criteria. For English & IELTS requirements please see our course pages.

Applying for a Course

Where do I apply?

Applicants applying for our BSc and MSc pre-registration programmes (excluding MSc Speech & Language Therapy and PgDip Midwifery) can only apply via the UCAS website (www.ucas.com)

What is UCAS?

UCAS stands for Universities and Colleges Admissions Service. It is a centralised service that students use in the UK to apply to university. Applicants who want to study an undergraduate degree course in the UK will need to apply through UCAS.

Create a UCAS account and familiarise yourself with their deadlines and key dates for completing your application. Once your account is created and a UCAS Personal ID number has been issued, please join UCAS Hub which is also very useful to new applicants.

Do I need to add details of all academic qualifications in UCAS?

Yes, please ensure you fill in all of your academic qualifications. If you miss out important information (e.g. GCSEs, IELTS and degree classifications) your application may be rejected or delayed.

What should I do if I’ve noticed incorrect details on my UCAS form?

Please contact health@city.ac.uk and inform our Admissions Team as soon as possible with the correct information. Please include your UCAS ID No, the name of the course you have applied for and a scanned copy (or a clear photograph) of your qualifications.

Personal Statements

Your personal statement is a really important part of your UCAS application, and gives the university insight into your passion for the course you are applying for, as well as details around your non-academic hobbies, activities and work experience.

Personal statements are normally around 4000 characters. If you are applying for different course subjects on your application form, please complete a tailored personal statement and email it to health@city.ac.uk

What information do I need to include in my personal statement?

  • If you have any hobbies and interests, please include them as this is how you will stand out from others, especially if they are relevant to the course you are applying for (e.g. reading, working with children or volunteering)
  • Provide as much detail as possible about your work experience and other relevant experiences.
  • Don’t forget to show personality and enthusiasm. This is your opportunity to stand out!

Before submitting your personal statement

  • Plan out what you want to talk about before writing your personal statement to ensure it flows well.
  • Check for spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.
  • Ask somebody else to double check what you have written.


Do I need to submit a reference with my application?

Applicants must include a reference to support your initial UCAS application. This can be Academic or Professional. A reference is required before an application can be submitted, the referee MUST send their reference on the UCAS website not via email.

It’s important that the reference is given by an academic or professional (i.e. employer) as friends or family references are not accepted. If the reference is from an employer, it is a recommendation reference and not a standard employment reference.

Next Steps

Help and Advice

School of Health Sciences drop-in sessions

We will be running drop-in sessions for prospective applicants who would like advice and support with their application for the above courses only. This will be an informal opportunity where applicants can ask any questions to a member of the admissions team about the application process, qualifications, UCAS, references, personal statements, work experience, offers and general information regarding selection days and interviews.

Please contact the Admissions team at health@city.ac.uk for more information and details of how to book a place to attend.  **Please note** these sessions are only to advise applicants and is not a guarantee of an interview or offer of a place on our courses.

Key Dates and Deadlines

There are key dates and deadlines for the 2019/20 Admissions cycle, which are set by UCAS. We have listed a few dates below. If you need more information please visit the UCAS website.

  • 15th January 2020   Deadline for on-time applicants (BSc and MSc courses)
  • 25th February 2020 UCAS Extra Opens
  • 4th July 2020           Deadline to apply for UCAS Extra
  • 13th August 2020    A-Level Results Day
  • 20th August 2020    GCSE Results Day