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About City

City Health Bespoke Training

Since City Health's inception in 2014 we have run tailored bespoke courses alongside our open courses for the private and public health sectors, including NHS Trusts, CCGs, hospitals, hospices, hair clinics and GP Practices.

The City Health team are committed to deliver rapid bespoke solutions and support the continuing professional development of your workforce. Our bespoke clinical study days have been designed to meet the needs of your organisation. These can be delivered on your organisation's site or at the City, University of London campus in London.

If you would like to organise bespoke training for your organisation then please fill in the online request form. Alternatively please do get in touch with us at cityhealth@city.ac.uk or call us on 0207 040 3311 and we can discuss your training needs with you.

Subject areas covered:

* Cardiac Care (including Heart Disease, Introduction to 12-lead ECG)

* Child Health (including Tracheostomy)

* Chronic Illness

* Diabetes Care

* Ear, Nose and Throat

* Gynaecology

* Health Technologies

* International Health

* Long Term Conditions & Elderly Care

* Mental Health Care

* Neonatal and Newborn

* Optometry (Including Fundoscopy)

* Practice Nursing

* Primary Care

* Public Health

* Sexual Health

Below is a list of City Health case studies of bespoke training.