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Draft Conference Programme (Subject to change)

Day 1: Monday 4th September 2017

9am - 9.30am - Registration / coffee

9.30 - 9.45am - Welcome

9.45am - 10.30am - Opening address

Chair: Andy Denis

Keynote address:   Matthias Klaes (President, Scottish Economic Society)
"towards a Cliometric Turn in the History of Economics?"

10.30am - 11am - Coffee 

11am - 12.30pm - Session 1    

Chair: Claudia Jefferies

Jan Toporowski (SOAS)
“Kalecki's Critique of Wicksellian and Keynesian Monetary Theory”

Michael White (Monash)
“Bluffing Value Theory? P.H. Wicksteed’s ‘Jevonian’ Critique of Marx’s Capital

12.30 - 1/30pm - Lunch

1.30pm - 3pm - Session 2    

Chair: Richard van den Berg

James Forder (Balliol, Oxford)
“Friedman’s theory of the consumption function: sources, objectives, and early reception”

Jorgen Rasmussen (Colorado State University)
“Malthus and Condorcet on Population: The Missing Piece”

3pm - 3.30pm - Tea  

3.30pm - 5pm - Session 3 

Chair: Fred Day

Richard van den Berg (Kingston University)
“A judicious and industrious compiler' Mapping Poslethwayt's Dictionary of Commerce”

Roberto Marchionatti (University of Turin)
“Classical Conceptions of the General Economic Equilibrium between the two World Wars”

5pm - 5.15pm - break

5.15pm - 6.15pm - Annual General Meeting of THETS

Drinks at The Pearl and Feather

From 7.45pm - Evening dinner at The Gate

The Gate, 370 St John Street, EC1V 4NN

Day 2: Tuesday 5th September 2017

9.30am - 11am - Session 4   

Chair: James Forder

Massimo Di Matteo (Università di Siena)
“The classical macro theory of product and employment: Hicks or Pigou?”

François Allisson and Cléo Chassonnery-Zaïgouche (Université de Lausanne)
“Wages, A Sceptical History”

11am - 11.30am - Coffee     

11.30am - 1pm - Session 5 

Chair: Julian Wells

Claudia de Lozanne Jefferies (City, University of London)
“The relevance of EJ Hamilton’s work to the Annales concept of longue durée”

Jou Ishii (Kanto Gakuin University)
“John Barton on the Corn Laws and Malthus”

1pm - 2pm - Lunch

2pm - 3.30pm - Session 6 

Chair: Jan Toporowski

Julian Wells (Kingston University)
“Marx reads Quetelet”

Andy Denis (City, University of London)
“The Austrian School and the Arrow Impossibility Theorem”

3.30pm - 4pm - Tea

4pm - 5.30pm - Session 7 

Chair: Andy Denis

Fred Day (Manchester Metropolitan University)
“The Economics of Berkeley’s Querist as a Pedagogical Tool”

Craig Freedman (UNSW, Australia)
“Roads Not Taken: The Coase Conundrum”

Conference ends at 5.30pm