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About City

Jeremy Tunstall Global Media Research Centre

The Department of Sociology at City, University of London has developed during the last decades a distinguished research record in the fields of media sociology and international communications. The pioneering work of Jeremy Tunstall (Emeritus) during the 1970s ensured the Department of Sociology international prominence in this field, setting a benchmark for high quality research which has been developed at City since then. Tunstall is well known for seminal studies such as The Westminster Lobby Correspondents (1970), Journalists at Work (1971) and The Media are American (1977), which set an enviably high standard of research that has continued with Professor Tunstall's more recent work, The Media Were American (2007).

The research of the core members of the Centre, which include Professor Petros Iosifidis, Jean Chalaby, and senior lecturers and lecturers Dan Mercea, Marco Bastos and Carolina Matos, include a concern with global media industries and value chains, media and international development and policy, issues of structural inequality and the role of communication structures for social change, and the advancement of women’s rights. Research members of the Centre have a wide range of national and international networks of collaboration with other research centres and academics throughout the world, from Europe and the US, to India, China, Latin America and Brazil.

The research carried out by the department is thus structured around the following core themes:

  • Global value chains in the creative industries
  • Social movements, international activism and participatory democracy
  • International communications and news institutions in the global age
  • Gender, media and development
  • Transnational media and globalisation