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Student views: Elizabeth Akintoye

Why did you choose Media Studies and Sociology at City?

I initially looked at the university league tables and then went on to the City website to look at the course requirements and the structure. What stood out to me when looking at City was the structure: it is very diverse and you can make this subject your own. You can pick modules from psychology, politics, criminology and media.

My family lives in London, so it is easier for me to save money by studying here as I just stay at home.

Are there any lecturers who've particularly helped you?

Yes, many of them, especially when picking my dissertation subject. This is because in the Sociology Department the lecturers specialise in the subject area that they teach. So you can feel their passion which, if you enjoy the subject, you also become passionate about.

What's been your favourite topic or module so far?

My favourite module so far is Gender & Society. This is a third year module. It's about how gender and sex can be seen as different and also how certain genders are affected in society.

Any advice for someone considering this course?

Think very carefully how you would like to personalise your course, then pick your modules accordingly.

How do you think City will help you with getting a job?

There is a lot of careers advice. City is a well-known institution in London and has a good reputation, so a good grade from here will give you a good chance of getting a job. Having said this, work experience is essential and City helps a lot with getting voluntary work.

City's ambition is to be in the top 2% of universities in the world by 2016. What will you be doing in 2016?

Hopefully in 2016 I will have graduated from a masters in Human Resources Management and be a manager of a good human resources team.