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About City

Marina Nazarova



PhD Topic

The Role of the ICT in Social Movements in Russia: the Dissident Movement of 1960s-1970s


Marina has a Master’s degree in Journalism from Higher School of Economics. She worked for Reuters during her studies. Her research work includes projects at City, University of London and University of Cambridge.

The Study

Marina’s research project is focused on the role of information and communication technologies in society with particular interest in the dissident movement of 1960s-1970s in Soviet Russia. The whole project is placed into social studies of technology with the main focus on the concept of affordances (Gibson, 1979). The aim of this project as a whole is to shed light on the interconnection between ICT and the evolution of social movements in Russia, and to expand the boundaries of understanding of technology within the context of the political and cultural environment and power relations between government and society. This study explores the ways in which media technologies can alter affordances for social actions and its participants in different historical periods.


Prof. Petros Iosifidis
Dr. Dan Mercea

Research Interests

  • Technology
  • Social Media
  • Power, ideology
  • Civil society

Research projects

City University London, 2014

University of Cambridge, 2014