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About City

Research students

We maintain a vibrant and growing programme of doctoral research, and welcome applicants with original ideas relating to one of the department's areas of Research. Prior to making a formal application, prospective doctoral students should identify a potential Supervisor, and contact that member of staff for informal feedback on their research idea. Find out more about current funding opportunities and the application process.

Current Sociology research students

Carolina Are Flaming Isn’t Funny: Patterns Towards The Understanding Twitter Abusers
Christos Balafoutis Evaluating the concept of “new terrorism”: A comparative analysis of the 17th of November to the features that define “new terrorism”.
Charlotte Bonham Carter Instrumental Cultural Policy, Social Objectives and the Governance of Contemporary Visual Arts Organisations
Stefanie Borkum    The Changing Portrayal of Migrants: from the Political to the Humanitarian. A Study of Migrants' Rights Organisations in Spain and Britain
Hannah Brinsden  A critical analysis of NGO advocacy in UK nutrition policy: What is its role, impact and effectiveness?
Athina Caraba Reports are coming in: A multidisciplinary study of the exceptional crime of mass murder in the United Kingdom
Ulrike Chouguley Behind the scenes of world cities' cultural show: exploring the role of informal cultural practices in London and Mumbai
Sonila Dardha Male or Female? Gender-of-Interviewer Effects on Survey Data
Laurie Egger Impact of Food Assistance on Food Insecurity and nutrition/food intake. A comparative study of the US and the UK
Yvonne Ehrstein The Postfeminist Reconciliation Challenge: Representations and Lived Experiences of Maternal Femininities on Mumsnet.com
Harvey Ells    Street food markets and consumer wellbeing: a study of developed urban city centres
Joanna Figiel Unpaid work, precarity, and policy within the creative and cultural sectors
Ceyhun Gungor Learning and knowledge transfer processes of non-competitive collaborative groups and their role in shaping food sustainability policy
Nicholas Heck Improving survey fieldwork efficiency
Kim Hyung Policy convergence of broadcasting and telecommunication and its effect on PSB: South Korean case.
Matías Muñoz HernandezCollaborative Funding Mechanisms for the Arts Sector in Chile and the Global South
Emma JonesArtistic practice in London
Many LallCounterfeiting Industry in the UK
Karl-Axel Lindgren‘A food policy analysis of the 2013 Indian National Food Security Act, and its potential impact on the urban poor
Massimiliano MaidanoThe Cave Dwellers and the Croatian fortress: Football and Democracy in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Carina Mansey Celebrity chefs
Amanda McCloatThe place and location of Home Economics in the secondary school curriculum in the Republic of Ireland
Panagiota NakouBrexit in Cosmopolitan London
Marina NazarovaThe Role of the ICT in Social Movements in Russia: the Dissident Movement of 1960s-1970s
Nhlanhla NdeleleMeasuring and modelling changes in the quality of work and employment in the UK
Natalie NeumannWhat is policy’s role in supporting farmers’ markets in Europe: are they reaching all levels of society and creating equality in access to locally farmed and nutritious food?
Naomi Oosterman Art, Crime, and Law: The criminal dynamics of art theft in the European Union.
Daphne Page Exploring the Perceived Link between Urban Agriculture and Sustainability in Municipal Urban Food Strategies within the United Kingdom’s Sustainable Food Cities Network
Holly Powell-Jones Young people’s understandings of digital communications offences
Tina RoshanDemocratisation in Iran and Turkey 1940s to 2015
Rima SainiNegotiating a minority ethnic, middle class identity
Jessica Simpson Negotiations of stigma and identity amongst university students working in different areas of the sex industry in the UK
Laura ThomsonTransnational Technologies of Gender and Mediated Intimacy
Dimitrios Tsagalas European integration through the press 2002-2009: Constructing European public sphere and citizenship in Greece and Cyprus
Yiming WangChinese Cyber Nationalism
Kathy WilliamsAn Archaeology of Cultural Work on London's Southbank
Yi Wu  JiunClustering of cultural industries in Taiwan
Matina Zestanaki Mobilization in times of Crisis: New media, new movements and political efficacy, the example of the Greek ''Aganaktismenoi'' movement
Nadine Zwiener The Resource Model Revisited – Investigating the Link between Work and Political Involvement of Women in Europe
Xintong JiaThe Reproduction of Gender Inequality in the Age of Postfeminism: Exploring the sexualised female figures in China

Recently completed PhDs

Rashid Aziz Asian Youth Culture in East London
Gemma Birkett Media, Politics and Penal Reform: A Case Study of Women's Imprisonment
Huong-Ly Chu Class influences on life chances in Post-Reform Vietnam
Jessica Duncan The reformed Committee on World Food Security and the global governance of food security
Rory Fitzgerald Striving for quality, comparability and transparency in cross-national social surveys: illustrations from the European Social Survey
Delaram Ghanimifard The show of power in Tehran public spaces
Liz Gilfillan Measuring the relationship between ethnic diversity and social cohesion in local areas of England
Miriam Greenwood Dynamics of Change in the British Seafood Supply Chain 1950 – 2012
Atalanta Goulandris    Continuity and Change: The Professional Lives and Culture of Self-Employed Barristers in England & Wales
Laura Hall Journeys in Search of Security: the migration of refugees to the UK
Jess Halliday Enablers and barriers to local level and urban food policy in England
Patrick Igulot Vulnerability, Risk and HIV Infection in Uganda: a Multilevel Population-based Stu
Georgia Machell Healthy Start: food welfare and the relationship between policy design and practice
Sharon Noonan-Gunning New and emerging obesity discourses may be counterproductive in managing childhood obesity
Kelly Parsons Constructing a National Food Policy: policy integration and co-ordination pathways and challenges in Australia and the UK
Rosalind Sharpe Social sustainability in the UK industrial food supply
Bernadetta Siara Polish families in London
Bridget Snaith The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - Whose Values, Whose Benefits? Exploring Ethnic Minority Underrepresentation in UK Parks
Jacqueline Tabick Outcomes of Conversion to Judaism through the Reform Movement. 1952-2002
Anita Tull Why teach young people to cook? A critical analysis
Ozlem Unsal Inner-City Regeneration and the Politics of Resistance in Istanbul: A Comparative Analysis of Sulukule and Tarlabasi
Rebecca Wells What part do the media play in food policy? The case of UK Government recommendations on red meat consumption and cancer prevention
Jannie ArmstrongCompeting Claims in a Changing World: An Interpretive Analysis of Food Security Discourse in Lao PDR