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About City

Oluwatoyin Sogbesan

PhD student

Department of Culture and Creative Industries

E: oluwatoyin.sogbesan.1@city.ac.uk or sogbesantoyin@yahoo.co.uk

Thesis title: Digitisation of culture: A case study of artefacts from the Kingdom of Ile Ife, Nigeria

Dr Jenny Kidd and Dr Juliet Steyn

Overview and research interests

The introduction of digital technology altered the traditional practice of exhibiting collections within museums, creating a need for museums to seek new methods of engaging and educating their audience. As a result, digitisation has the potential to become a new instrument for access and preservation of cultures, to replace museum practices of exhibiting material objects and to open the objects to a wider range of audiences.

In this sense, Oluwatoyin's research focuses on investigating how digitisation might improve accessibility to cultural objects (artefacts from the Kingdom of Ile Ife are used for a case study). The research further explores issues of authenticity as related to digitised artefacts and their effect on audience experience. Finally, digitisation might present an opportunity to re-use museum collections while providing audiences the opportunity of coming into contact with the artefacts.

Research Interests:

Audience participation, Culture, Cultural Institutions, Digitisation, New Museology, New Media, Museum Studies, Meanings and interpretations.

Higher educational background:

Oluwatoyin has a Masters in Architecture from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife, Nigeria and an MA in Arts and Heritage Management from London Metropolitan University.


  • Sogbesan O., (2013), The Kingdom of Ile Ife: Digitally Unveiling the Mask, 6th International Conference on the inclusive museum: Museum and active citizenship. National Art Gallery of Denmark
  • Sogbesan O., (2013), Identity formation beyond the English Language  Paper presented  at the 2nd Annual Igbo language and performance conference, London
  • Adesida O., and Sogbesan O., (2013), Blind to Culture or Blinded by Culture: Effect of Culture on Child Maltreatment, 1st Global Conference Reframing Punishment Interdisciplinary.Net, Mansfield College, Oxford, UK
  • Sogbesan O., (2012), Media and the construction of cultures and identities Paper presented 5th Global Conference Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity Prague Czech Republic
  • Sogbesan O (2011), Digitisation of Culture, Research Symposium, City University London, poster presentation
  • Sogbesan O (2011), Digitisation of Culture, Research Workshop, Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, 6-8 July, London, UK
  • Grincheva N, and Sogbesan O., (2011) '"Universal" access in 3000 years? Digital content of the Hermitage Museum', Electronic Visualisation and the Arts, 6-8 July, London, UK.


Oluwatoyin is currently teaching Business Management-related modules focusing on the effect of culture on management.


Photographic methods of digitising cultural artefacts are being exploited as a research tool on the following websites: