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About City

Natalia Grincheva

PhD student

Department of Culture & Creative Industries null

Thesis title:
Online Cultural Heritage Spaces as Sites of Digital Diplomacy

Supervisor: Dr Jo Littler

Course start date and mode of study: October 2010, full-time

Summary of current doctoral research

The PhD research focuses on digital diplomacy, also known as diplomacy 2.0 or e-diplomacy, which usually refers to the diplomatic practices through digital and networking technologies, including the Internet and social media channels. The project explores how major cultural institutions, such as museums and libraries, utilize the power of new media to establish interactive communication with online audiences in national and international contexts.  The thesis argues that online cultural heritage resources managed and promoted by cultural institutions online directly contribute to the efforts of cultural diplomacy of their nation states either by projecting particular cultural identity and values to the international audiences or by exerting influence through enabling cultural self-representation in interactive activities. The research looks at digital diplomacy from a critical angle of neoliberal theoretical framework and explores how the nature of cultural diplomacy in the age of economic and cultural globalization is transformed through the acquisition of new media communication tools.

Research interests

New museology, cultural heritage politics and management, cultural diplomacy, social media and digital technologies, digital diplomacy, online cross-cultural communication.

Higher education background and previous experience

2009 MA in Arts Management, American University, Washington DC - USA
2003 MA in English Linguistics & Philology, Saratov State University, Saratov - Russia

Awards and grants

2012-2013 Endeavour Research Fellowship, Austraining International, Australian Government
2010-2011 Erasmus Mundus EuroCulture Scholarship, European Commission
2007-2009 Fulbright Scholarship, USA Institute of International Education

Conference presentations

  • Grincheva, N. (2014) Democracy for Export. Presented at the "Museums and Politics" UNESCO Conference, Sankt-Petersburg, Russia. 11th of September
  • Grincheva, N. (2014) Cultural Dimension of Sustainable Development. Presented at the 18th International Conference on Cultural Economics, Montreal, Canada. 27th June
  • Grincheva, N. (2014) The Virtual Museum of the Pacific - Epistemological Clashes in Cultural Preservation. Presented at the 12th International Conference "New Directions in the Humanities," Madrid, Spain.12th June
  • Grincheva, N. (2013) Cultural Diplomacy beyond Governmental Control: A Museum Voice in seeding "Imperial" Cosmopolitanism. Presented at the Conference "Challenges, Disconnects, and Clashes in Political Studies," Montreal, Canada. 25th April
  • Grincheva, N. (2013) A Failure of Digital Diplomacy: Social, Cultural, and Information Boundaries in Online Cross-cultural Communication. Presented at the 9th Annual Social Informatics Research Symposium: The Social Informatics of Information Boundaries, Montreal, Canada. 2nd November
  • Grincheva, N. (2013) Cultural Heritage Online on the Service of Digital Diplomacy. Presented at the World Social Science Forum, Montreal, Canada. 13th October
  • Grincheva, N. (2013) Bridging Cultures in the Information Age: Dialogical Approaches in Theorizing Digital Diplomacy. Presented at the Digital Transformers Symposium, Manchester, UK. 23rd May.


  • Grincheva, N. (2014) "Cultural Diplomacy beyond Governmental Control: A Museum Voice in seeding "Imperial" Cosmopolitanism." Political Science Graduate Student Journal, 3, pp. 39-71
  • Grincheva, N. (2014) "The Online Museum: A 'Placeless' Space of the 'Civic Laboratory'." Museum Anthropology Review, 8(1), pp. 1-21
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  • Grincheva, N. (2012) "Digital Diplomacy Rhetoric: International Policy Frame Transformations in Diplomatic Discourse (The case study of the UK)." ENCATC Journal of Cultural Management and Policy, 2 (2), pp. 12-30
  • Grincheva, N. (2012) "How Far Can We Reach? International Audiences in Online Museums Communities." The International Journal of Technology, Knowledge and Society, 7(4), pp. 29-42
  • Grincheva, N. (2011) "The Starfish of Cultural Diplomacy: Social Media in the Toolbox of Museums." The Language of Art and Music: International Symposium Publication. Institute for Cultural Diplomacy
  • Grincheva, N. (2010) "U.S. Arts and Cultural Diplomacy: Post-Cold War Decline and the Twenty-First Century Debate." The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society, 40 (3), pp. 169-183.


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