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About City

Jou-an Chen

MPhil/ PhD student

Centre of Culture & Creative Industries

E: Jou-An.Chen.1@city.ac.uk

Thesis title: The Flow of Fashion Designers between London, Shanghai and Taipei

Supervisor: Professor Andy C. Pratt

Overview and research interests

The value of cultural products may be subject to the place of production, especially the fashion items and clothing. While consumers prefer goods associated with Paris, Milan or other fashion cities, the inequality or even hierarchy between cities appears. The hierarchical relationship not only alters consumers' evaluation, but also producers/creators' choice of production. However, there is inconsistency between brands' proclaimed locations and the places where clothing is manufactured. How the common phenomenon influences the evaluation of fashion products? How does that produce the hierarchical relationship among fashion cities?  How do young designers and other agents in this industry react and reproduce this unequal city network? To answer these questions, I would like to investigate the flow of young designers from three different cities, London, Shanghais and Taipei. Those designers' choices about places of fashion education, of manufacturing, of exhibition, of setting studios and so on may illustrate how the city hierarchy forms and transform. Also, by incorporating field work in China and Taiwan, I would like to contest the euro-centred perspective in fashion studies.

Research interests

Fashion industry, cultural policy

Higher educational background

MA.Institute of Fashion and Communications Design
Shih Chien University, Taiwan

BA. Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures
National Taiwan University, Taiwan