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About City

Irida Ntalla

PhD student

Department of Culture & Creative Industriesnull

E: Irida.Ntalla.1@city.ac.uk

PhD title: 'The Interactive Museum Experience:  Investigating the experiential tendency and audience  focus in two museum exhibitions'

Dr Jo Littler

Summary of current doctoral research

Irida's thesis examines the uses of new technologies and interactivity in the context of the museum within the UK. She identifies understandings and uses of interactivity focusing on audience participation, engagement and social learning.

Her analysis of interactivity in the museum is framed by new museological approaches and theoretical frameworks based on poststructuralist thinking. In particular, rhizomatic thinking, as explored by Deleuze and Guattari, provides the theoretical framework to be tested and elaborated by  means of an in-depth empirical analysis of two case studies - the Museum of London and the National Maritime Museum, both of which have integrated interactivity and new technologies into their exhibition programmes.

Museums, Irida argues, are assumed interactive cultural spaces through which  audiences' experiences can be investigated via the prisms of body, space and affect.

Research interests

New media, museum studies, new media art, cultural institutions, interactivity, participation, audience experience, space, affect, social learning

Higher education background

Irida has an MA in Interactive Media - Critical Theory from Goldsmiths College, University of London and a BA in Cultural Technology & Communication from the Aegean University, Mytilene, Greece.

Awards and grants

  • AHRC Grant Holder Jan 2013 - Dec 2013. Collaborative Student-Led Research Development. Digital Transformations Scheme, City University London. affectiveexperiences.com
  • Graduate Award June 2013. Arts in Society International Conference. Budapest, Hungary
  • Committee Member, Museum Computer Group
  • Erasmus Scholarship Sep 2012 - Jan 2013. Visiting PhD Scholar, Schools of Arts & Social Sciences, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Public Presentations and Conference Papers Given

  • ‘Multidisciplinary Perspectives on  Affective Experiences’ in Electronic Visualisation and the Arts Conference(EVA 2015), London, UK (July 2015)
  • ‘Unfolding the Interactive Museum Experience’ In the Flow: People, Media, Materialities, ACSIS Conference, Norrkoping, Sweden (June 2015)
  • Session Leader ‘Cultural digital mediated  experiences and audiences’, In the Flow: People, Media, Materialities, ACSIS Conference, Norrkoping, Sweden (June 2015)
  • 'Information behaviour and affect', Guest Speaker at Digital Humanities, Information Studies Seminar, University College London (February 2014)
  • On museum and  interactivity’, Museum Show off! (November 2013).
  • Exploring the in-betweenness of  interactivity through embodiment, immersion and affective experiences  in museum spaces’, Rethinking Intermediality in the Digital Age, Sapientia University, Romania (October 2013)
  • 'Touch this! It's  so much fun!' Haptic interactions and play through touch-screen interfaces', Electronic Visualisation and the Arts Annual Conference 2013, London. (July 2013)
  • 'The  In-betweeness of Interactivity; Play, Touch and Immersion within Interactive Interfaces and  Environments', 2nd Global Conference Play: Making sense of, Interdisciplinary.Net, Mansfield College, Oxford, UK. (July 2013)
  • 'Interactivity  and audience experience in the modern museum and the possibility of opening and creating  new models of experience', 2013 IVSA Conference, The Public Image, Panel 07: The Public/Public Image: Art and the Museum, Goldsmiths College, London, UK. (July 2013)
  • 'Emotional  encounters with climate change issues through immersive digital art environments', The Arts in Society, Eighth International Conference, Eotvos Lorand University, Budapest, Hungary. (June 2013)
  • 'Interactive and  affective approaches to climate change issues through immersive art installations', Digital Transformers Symposium, AHRC Digital Transformations Scheme, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. (May 2013)
  • 'Experimental Workshop: Reacting  to Racist Violence', CCC Journal Experimental Workshop. 'Media, Culture and Racism: The Legacy of Stephen Lawrence 20 Years On', London Southbank University, London UK (April 2013)
  • 'Encountering  issues of climate change through embodiment and affect in immersive installations'. Journeys Across Media 2013, 'The Body and The Digital', University of Reading, UK (April, 2013)
  • 'Approaching  climate change through interactivity and immersion'. MUSEUM 2012. The Socially Purposeful Museum, November 2012, National Taipei University of Education, Taiwan. (November, 2012)
  • 'The interactive  museums, from touch screen interfaces to immersive environments', Research Workshop, Electronic Visualisation and the Arts Annual Conference 2012, London. (July, 2012)
  • 'The museum as a transitional  learning space for children with special needs'. The Quality in Education: Trends and Perspectives Conference, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Primary Education, Athens, Greece (in Greek). (May 2012)
  • Panel discussion 'Educational  Quality and Learning performance', The Quality in Education: Trends and Perspectivesconference, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Primary Education,Athens, Greece (in Greek). (May 2012)
  • 'Sensing the Social Museum'. International Conference 'Re-thinking technologies in museums 2011- Emerging Experiences', Limerick, Ireland. Kidd J., Ntalla I., Lyons W. (2011)
  • 'Defining  post-human identity and exploring its projection in the art of Stelarc, Orlan and Barney', International Conference 'Audiovisual Posthumanism', Mytilini/Lesvos, Greece. (2010)


  • City University London, Centre of Cultural and Creative Industries 2015-6:  Visiting Lecturer BA module: ‘Cultural and Creative Industries, Arts and Popular Culture’, introducing students to core cultural theory.
  • 2011-13:  Teaching Assistant MA modules: ‘Current Criticism’, ‘Digital Cultures’, ‘Post-Colonial Agendas’.
  • 2013: PhD Seminar Coordinator for Centre of Cultural  Policy and Management
  • Middlesex University, Department of Media and Performing Arts, London 2015-2016:Part-time Lecturer MA  Module: Research Methods BA Module: ‘Digital Texts and Contexts - Lectures, MA and BA student dissertations and creative projects supervision
  • Canterbury Christ Church University, Department of Media and Cultural Studies, Kent 2014:Part-time Lecturer BA Module: ‘News and News’ Media’ – Lectures, Module design, literature and resources, assessments


Special Issue (ed)

  • Ntalla, I. & Vom Lehn, D. (2014). 'Researching audiences in digital mediated and interactive experiences: Special Section Introduction' Participation:  Journal of Audience and Reception Studies, vol 11, no. 1, pp. 213-215.

Peer Reviewed

  • Markowski, M., Ntalla, I., Kamposiori, C., & Routsis, V. (2015). Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Affective Experiences in Proceedings from the Electronic  Visualisation and the Arts (EVA 2015), London, UK.
  • Ntalla I. (2013) Engaging audiences on on-going social debates through interactive and immersive exhibits in The International Journal of Inclusive  Museum, 105-116, ISSN: 1835-2014 (print)
  • Ntalla I. (2013) Haptic interactions through touch-screen interfaces in Proceeding of the Electronic Visualisation and the Arts  London 2013 edited by Ng Kia, Bowen P. Jonathan and McDaid Sarah, 203-210. ISBN 9781780172156.
  • Kidd, J., Ntalla, I., & Lyons, W. (2011). Multi-touch interfaces in museum spaces: reporting preliminary findings on the nature of interaction. In Proceedings of the International Conference Re-thinking Technology in  Museums, Emerging Experiences, edited by Ciolfi, Luigina., Scott, Katherine and Barbieri, Sara, 5-13. Ireland: University of Limerick, 2011.

Book chapters

  • Antoniou, A.-S., Ntalla, I., & Woollard, V. (2013). Discussing museum learning opportunities for children with disabilities. In Child Health, Family and Education, edited by Alexander-Stamatios Antoniou & Bruce David Kirkcaldy, 277-292). Athens: DIADRASSI Publications.

Conference  proceedings

  • Ntalla I. (2012). Interactivity and audience experience in the modern museum; discussing findings from case study on the 'High Arctic' immersive installation, National Maritime Museum, London. In E. Kristiansen (Eds.), Proceedings of the Dream Conference: The Transformative Museum Conference (pp. 252-266). Roskilde University, Denmark.
  • Ntalla I., & Stamatiou, A.S. (2012). The museum as a transitional learning space for children with special needs’ The Quality in  Education: Trends and Perspectives Conference. National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, Faculty of Primary Education, Athens, Greece.


  • ReviewPille Runnel/Pille Pruulmann-Vengerfeldt (eds.), Democratising  the Museum:


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Twitter: @irisflying