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About City

Culture, Policy and Management Alumni

Find out more about our alumni from our MA in Culture, Policy and Management


Liisi Kivinukk

Liisi now works in marketing for the current Estonian Presidency of the European Union.

Amund Hammer

Amund is Concerts Manager in the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.

Yibo Fang

Yibo is a Product Design Manager at dangdang.com / Time Station Software. dangdang.com is the largest online book store in China


Angelica Bomford

Angelica went onto work as Digital Communications Manager at ENO, English National Opera, joining the MA straight after graduating in from Cardiff.

Federica Beretta

Originally from Milan, Federica moved to London to further her understanding of the art market and develop her management skills.


Jia Jia Hoon

Jia Jia is working as an Deputy Director at the National Arts Council (Singapore), involved in policy-making for the arts sector in Singapore.

Yermek Rakhimov

Yermek is currently Director of the Department of Culture, Archives and Documentation of the North Kazakhstan region.

Tsung-Lin Tsai

Tsung-Lin Tsai worked at Ullens Centre for Contemporary Art in Beijing and is the co-founder of THE ART CLUB gallery and Freedom Men Art & Design.

Sevan Sarkissian

Stevan is a graduate from the MA CPM in 2014.

2013, 2012 and 2011

Jodie Orsborn

Jody, along with her fellow CPM-er Patrick Allen developed their business while at City.

Jonathan Eifert

Jonathan now works in New York where he started his own classical music-based PR company.

Mari Kondo

Mari is currently the Development Manager at Box Clever Theatre.

Junior Jones

After a career performing as a professional dancer Junior came to City to do the MA CPM.

Aline Cajiga Sanchez

Aline went back to Mexico City’s Interactive Museum of Economics after her MA CPM here at City where she now is the director of ‘Special Projects’.

Deniz Öztürkmen

Deniz works in the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey.