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Serious about politics? Dedicate one year of your life to...

Developing new ways to challenge enduring global problems: International Politics MA

At the heart of contemporary international politics are new challenges to enduring problems. City's International Politics MA provides you with an opportunity to examine and critically evaluate issues of the contemporary world such as poverty, terrorism, conflict, human rights, economic development, health, and the global environment.

Addressing key issues in international development and policy-making: Global Political Economy MA

City's new Global Political Economy MA provides a contemporary take on the analysis of global economic relations, the workings of the global financial system, state strategies and processes of regulation. You will develop an in-depth understanding of how the economic system works and address critical issues in international development and policy-making.

Analysing how government, corporations and interest groups communicate: Political Communication MA

City's Political Communication MA analyses a wide range of forms of political communication from government and political party communication to the activities and communications of corporations, social movements and interest groups.

Writing and reporting on politics: Political Journalism MA

City's Political Journalism MA provides a practical grounding both in the broad issues of politics and political communications as well as in the techniques of journalism, political writing and reporting.