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Student views: Lara Henco

How did you first get interested in Psychology? 

Psychology has always been a very interesting topic to me as it seems to be involved in so many aspects of our lives: how and why we behave a certain way, how we treat the people around us and how we treat ourselves. Thinking about career opportunities, there seem to be so many diverse career paths ranging from clinical psychology to forensics or occupational psychology.

Why did you choose to study Psychology at City?

I chose City mainly because it's ranked third in London for Psychology and has an excellent rating for employability. The School of Arts & Social Sciences is also internationally renowned for its research. Being part of such a vibrant and multicultural atmosphere as London is a great privilege.

Any advice for someone considering this course?

Many people had warned me that studying Psychology involves a lot of statistics, which made me think twice before choosing it! However, I am very pleased that I chose the course, and the statistics aren't as bad as everybody tells you. There is no doubt that Psychology is a challenging course, but it is incredibly interesting and you will get a lot out of it.

Are there any lecturers who've particularly helped you?

City has great lecturers who are specialists in their fields and teach enthusiastically, which is essential for your own motivation. They provide incredible support by offering one-to-one hours and talking through different career opportunities as well as providing fast and detailed feedback on coursework. Lecturers here care about the progress we make and offer a lot of their time and patience to support us; I have been very impressed by the standard of teaching at City.

Does City's location have any particular benefits?

City is really well located. It is walking distance from Angel, which is a very nice part of London. It is also very close to Shoreditch, which is a great place to go out.

What's been your favourite topic or module so far? 

My favourite topics have been biological and cognitive psychology, which teach us about the functions of the brain. Our brains are unique and are the essence of ourselves and this is why it is such a fascinating thing to study.

How do you think City will help you with getting a job? 

I can confidently say that we have been taught a vast amount of knowledge and skills during the course, including essay and report writing, statistical analysis, programming skills, working in groups and presenting to an audience. It has been such an amazing experience to study Psychology here at City. I would recommend it to anyone.

City's ambition is to be in the top 2% of universities in the world by 2016. What will you be doing in 2016?

I hope I will have my Masters by then and be able to move on to a PhD or start working in my field of interest.