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About City

Tom Becker

Department of Psychology

E: tom.becker.1@city.ac.uk

Thesis title: Human behaviour in High-Risk Environments: Understanding how role setting influences individual assertiveness and decision-making in dyads and small teams

Supervisors: Professor Peter Ayton and Professor Lorenzo Strigini

Higher educational background

  • MSc Air Safety Management

Overview and research interests

Tom looks for reasons behind the recurring phenomena of missing or ineffective intervention and undesired human decision-making in high-risk-environments despite already implemented human factor trainings. His work deals with the work-reality of dyads and small teams in High-Risk-Environments with a special focus on advantages and disadvantages of traditional team and role settings versus alternative options for effective accident and incident prevention.

Research interests

  • Decision Making and Intervention Behaviour
  • Human Factors in High-Risk-Environments
  • Aviation and Medical Safety Management.



  • Co-worker on 'Human Factors im Cockpit - Praxis sicheren Handelns' (Springer, 2010).


  • 'Economy versus Safety - the professional's dilemma' (Hindsight No.4, January 2007).


  • 'Sicherheitskonzepte in komplexen sozio-technischen Systemen' (Symposium Intensivmedizin und Intensivpflege, Bremen im Februar 2005).