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About City

Dr Paula Rowe

Honorary Research Associate

School of Arts and Social Sciences, Department of Psychology

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit

E: paula.rowe.1@city.ac.uk


Dr Paula Rowe obtained an MSc in Neuroscience from Kings College London and PhD from City, University of London.

Research carried out for the PhD included measuring brain activity by TMS and EEG in healthy populations and EEG in stroke survivors. Similar event related potential activity was observed in chronic stage stroke participants with persistent upper limb deficits as that in healthy age-matched controls. The timing of this brain activity while passively viewing manipulable objects suggests minor adaptations to current stroke rehabilitation interventions may improve outcomes.

As a Post-Doctoral Research Assistant Dr Rowe has continued EEG research on the variability of simultaneity judgements in bimodal processing. She also contributes to teaching of the module Fundamental Processes in Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuropsychology (PSM204) on the MSc in Clinical, Social and Cognitive Neuroscience.

Research interests

  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Plasticity
  • Affordances
  • EEG and TMS


Hadar, A. A., Rowe, P., Di Costa, S., Jones, A. & Yarrow, K. (2016). Motor-evoked potentials reveal a motor-cortical readout of evidence accumulation for sensorimotor decisions. Psychophysiology, 53, 1721-1731.

Rowe, P. J., Haenschel, C., Kosilo, M. & Yarrow, K. (2017). Objects rapidly prime the motor system when located near the dominant hand. Brain and Cognition. 113, 102-108.