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About City

Lauren Daniel

PhD student

Department of Psychology

Memory Research Unit

E: Lauren.daniel.2@city.ac.uk

Thesis title: Measuring the contribution of semantic and episodic memory on episodic and short-term memory for an aging population

Supervisor: Dr Marie Poirier

Overview and research interests

Lauren's current research interests revolve around the interaction between episodic and semantic memory, particularly within the context of decision making and knowledge-based judgments in naturalistic environments. The overarching theme of her research is how such cognitive capacities develop and change with age.

Very little is known about the interaction between previous knowledge and an individual's current preoccupations and ongoing thoughts. More research is needed to develop our understanding of the processes at play. The scarcity of data is particularly prominent for non-language content, and there is currently very little information concerning how this interplay between knowledge and current activity changes with age.

Lauren's research will utilise a methodology which provides a systematic way of assessing the relationship between semantic knowledge and recently encountered episodic memory for both an older and younger age group, with the intention of providing new data and a fresh perspective on this issue.

Lauren has an MSc Research Methods in Psychology from Goldsmiths University (2011-2012) and a BSc Psychology from City University London (2008-2011).