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About City

Research students in the Department of Psychology

Name PhD research topic
Lama Abdulla Efficacy of parent training as an intervention for children with ADHD in Saudi Arabia
Alida Acosta The role of emotions in social cooperative behavior
Shrooq Alzahrani Cognitive processing and decision making under conditions of uncertainty
Sophie Anns Declarative memory and structural language in children with high and low functioning autism and intellectual disability without autism
Tom Becker Human behaviour in High-Risk-Environments: Understanding how role setting influences individual assertiveness and decision-making in dyads and small teams
Federica Biotti Understanding face processing deficits in Developmental Prosopagnosia
Cassandra Bland False memories and the effects of negative emotions
Michael Bowen To be confirmed
Sonja Carmichael Perfectionism in the workplace
Joel Pascoal Carvalho Borderline Personality Disorder: deconstructing the diagnosis
Lauren Daniel Measuring the contribution of semantic and episodic memory on episodic and short-term memory for an aging population
Saoirse Connor Desai The effect of corrected information on later judgements and reasoning
Pritha Dhir Integrative Relations in Healthy Ageing: How can the integrative advantage be explained?
Nadia Faghani Modelling Conceptual combination - a Test of the Composite Prototype Model.
Chris Fassnidge Exploring the effects and potential of multisensory learning through training and neurostimulation
Alejandro Galvez Pol Let's move! Neurocognitive mechanisms underlying sensorimotor memory and perception
Amanda Roestorf Changes in Cognitive Functioning and Quality of Life in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Context of Ageing
Maria Hellenthal Misinformation effects caused by retroactive product placement aimed at pre-adolescents and young adults
Ulrika Hultgren Can cognitive behavioural coaching increase well-being?
Vasileios Ioakeimidis

Risk factors and longitudinal aspects of early onset schizophrenia

Alberta Ipser Audiovisual integration and timing perception
Ramiro Joly-Mascheroni Neurocognitive mechanisms for action perception: a comparative perspective between humans and animals
Ryan Kemp To be confirmed
Maciej Kosilo Early visual stimulus encoding and visual working memory
Anna Lambrechts Integrity of temporal processing in autism spectrum disorder and implications for communicative behaviour
Sharon Loivette To be confirmed
Ali Mair Autobiographical memory in healthy ageing: an investigation of temporal order in SenseCam retrieval cues
Marta Narkiewicz Mechanism(s) of interval time perception.
Michelle NewmanTo be confirmed
Iro Ntonia Modulation of lateralised response to primary affect
Joanna Rich Specificity of autobiographical detail in witness statements from heard trials of historical child sexual abuse
Melanie Ring Relational memory processes in adults with autism spectrum disorder
Joanna Short Cognitive processing and context effects in face-attractiveness judgements.
Helen Soteriou Luck, mood and risk taking behaviour in a gambling and general population
Karen Souza The effects of contextual factors on young people's propensity to report crime
Claire Thomas Derwent Relational memory in children with autism spectrum disorder and limited verbal ability
Sara Thommessen Refugee trauma: Evaluating assessment measures and interventions for asylum-seeking and refugee children, youth and families
Tomas Vasak Decision making processes in aviation crisis situations: can intuition help pilots to recognize and avoid danger?
Hannah Wachnianin The effect of neurofeedback home training on concentration abilities, impulsivity and personality on typical children and children with ADHD
Andrew White Men's experiences of psychological interventions: informing good practice with male clients.
Lucie Zernerova Examining mindfulness and psychological flexibility as personal resources / resilience factors enhancing well-being, health and performance at work.
Roberta Pischeda Psychological Essentialism in context: The influence of socio-cultural context and self-identity on essentialising social categories.
Hana Villar The Neuroscience of Mindfulness: The effects of Mindfulness training on body awareness, perception and psychological wellbeing.

Recently completed PhDs

Paula Rowe The temporal nature of affordance: An investigation using TMS and EEG
Albert Barque Duran A Quantum Cognitive Approach to Decision Making: Morality, Emotions, Memory and Similarity
Antonio Pangallo Developing a resilience test battery for human service workers
Name PhD research topic
Melanie DeMarco Assessing and Promoting Psychological Wellbeing Among Healthcare Employees.
Victoria Ellam-Dyson Towards an understanding of the psychological antecedents of leadership derailment behaviours and the effects on employee engagement and team climate.
Sivia Goss Mirror touch: Electrophysiological and behavioural evidence on the effects of observing others' tactile sensations on somatosensory processing in the observer and possible links to trait empathy
Aviad Hadar Using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to demonstrate the pre-activation of the truth in lying.
Cristina Harnagea The development and validation of the Adult Recollection of Parental Relating Questionnaire - a new instrument for measuring parental relating styles.
Kiki Koutmeridou Memory as Discrimination: Strategic Processing of Retrieval Cues
Stergios Makris Visual Perception and Motor planning: the case of affordances.
Alanna O'Brian Whither the coaching relationship? : a mixed methods study exploring key aspects, and examining boundaries, in its formation.
Georgina Taylor-Adriaansen Mothers of Sexually Assaulted Children: Their Experiences, Perceptions and Recoveries.
Olga Thomadaki How Mothers Experience Personal Growth after a Perinatal Loss.
Niki Daniel Face Processing Strategies in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
James Fowler Discrimination problems in context-dependent memory.
Alexander Jones Neural Correlates of Tactile Attention: Behavioural measures and event-related brain potentials of inhibition of return, exogenous and endogenous attention in touch.
Katie Maras spectrum disorder.
Esha Massand Event-Related Potential Brain Correlates of Episodic and Semantic Memory in Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Madeline Wyatt Ethicity and differential career success.