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About City

Research in Psychology

The results of the Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 for the Psychology Department show a marked improvement, compared to the last assessment round (Research Assessment Exercise, RAE, 2008). In REF2014 we returned 28 FTE (over 30 individual members of staff) and 67% of our research was rated at the top 4* or 3* categories. In RAE2008, we returned 10.8 FTE and 50% of our research was rated in these categories.

Currently, the results of REF2014 show the Psychology Department to have jumped to a ranking of 29 out of 82 relevant departments in the UK, compared to our ranking of 50/76 in RAE2008, according to the research power measure (which is based on both research quality and research volume).

These results are encouraging for our effort to continue providing a supporting, vibrant research environment and research-led teaching through internationally recognised experts, across the entire department.

The department is led by Professor Martin Conway, one of the foremost world experts in the field of autobiographical memory.

Our research is organised around research themes and there are several Research Units with additional Research Centres. The Department's general research is focused around the following research groups:

Centre for Memory and Law

Centre for Mathematical Neuroscience and Psychology

Cognitive Neuroscience Research Unit

Counselling and Health Psychology

Decision Making and Behavioural Economics

Developmental Psychology

Human Memory

Organisational Psychology

Other Research Groups