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Graduate views: Selina Miah

Can you tell us a bit about what you're doing now?

I work as a reporting/data analyst at Kantar Worldpanel. My role is to help build reports for the clients I work for. Kantar Worldpanel analyses what people buy, what they consume and the attitudes behind this behaviour. Its clients include brand owners, private label manufacturers, retailers, market analysts and government organisations.

How did City help you get to where you are today?

My course at City helped me build the right skills and experience which led me on to a career in data analysis. When you study Psychology (which is science related) you realise the importance of statistics or maths. Statistical analysis is very core to the course.

Practical experiments were introduced to us in our first year. We started by taking part in the statistical side of things, without much say in the subject or methodology of the actual experiment. But as we progressed we were given a greater say in what the experiment should be testing, and by the third year we were ready to take complete control from step one to the end, with additional help from our lecturers.

I would say that learning to use SPSS (a statistics program) was the single most useful thing I could have learnt and it helped me gain my position as a data analyst. In the interview for my current role I spoke a lot about my course, and they were very interested in what sort of experiments I had run, why I had chosen them and what the outcomes were.

Why did you choose to study Psychology at City?

I had family who studied at City before and they had done well for themselves, plus I'd heard that job prospects were quite high for City graduates. When I visited for the open day I liked the lecturer (Kielan Yarrow), and he ended up being one of my favourite lecturers. He explained why City was a good option and I liked what he said. It was as simple as that. Also I loved the Social Sciences building!

Were there any lecturers who really inspired you?

I already liked cognitive psychology but when Elliot Freeman started teaching it in my second year I loved it. The main reason I liked his lectures so much was because you could tell how much he loved it. The other reason is because his slides, and additional slide notes, were great. I also had Elliot as my third-year dissertation tutor, and seeing my bound dissertation, I felt proud of how much work I had put into this research.

Kielan Yarrow, who taught me Biology, was also a brilliant lecturer as he made me like science (which had been on my hate list since I was 9 years old!). He had these brilliant lecture slides which seemed so bare yet when the lecture started I was scribbling away for 2 hours.

Finally, Stuart Menzies, who taught me statistical research, helped develop my love of statistics, especially SPSS - so much so that I now work in this area of analysis.

What are your longer-term career plans?

I hope to progress in data analysis, learning new skills and using other programs and systems along the way. I would eventually like to reach a managerial position such as a data manager.

Any advice for someone considering this course?

Study Psychology - it's a brilliant subject which will allow you to enter many different fields, not only psychology-related. Study hard and you will not regret it.