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About City

William Davy Cole

MPhil/PhD Student

E: william.cole.1@city.ac.uk / williamdavycole@gmail.com

Working Title of Thesis: Environments for Active Listening

Supervisors: Diana Salazar and Newton Armstrong

Higher educational background

BA (hons) Music, University of Nottingham

MMus in composition, Royal College of Music

Current Doctoral Research

William is currently exploring structures that pivot on the active involvement of the listener and looking into how this active involvement might be encouraged. He is particularly interested in writing for instruments and the ways in which a listener might engage with the bodily actions of performance; space, especially (extremes of) distance and proximity; writing for mobile or peripatetic audiences; relationships between specificity and equivocality within the sounding material; and site-specific work.

Research Interests

  • Spatial instrumental music
  • Active listening