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About City

Jocelyn Howell

PhD student

Department of Music

E: jocelyn@hallinans.net

Thesis title: Wind instrument design and manufacture at Boosey & Hawkes and its associated companies: a corporate history

Supervisors: Prof Stephen Cottrell and Dr Bradley Strauchen

Overview and research interests

For over one and a half centuries the names Boosey and Hawkes dominated the British music scene, at first independently, and from 1930 combined as one iconic firm. Although it was run as one company it was comprised of two divisions - the publishing business and instrument manufacturing.

Jocelyn's research examines the history, role and significance of the firm as a manufacturer of musical instruments. Although a British company, its influence extended beyond Great Britain. The company is particularly remembered for supplying brass and woodwind instruments to military and civilian bands throughout the British Empire, producing clarinets for professional orchestral players and for developing and providing a wide range and large numbers of instruments for educational purposes.

By examining the company archives at the Horniman Museum and other relevant material, Jocelyn will consider the influences on the design and production of instruments, the growth of the company, the effect that the company had on the musical world, and its contribution in shaping the British national sound. The company's acquisitions and mergers, and the influence that performers, players and consultants had upon its development will be investigated.

Jocelyn studied clarinet with Basil Tschaikov, and then John Candor at Trinity College of Music, graduating with a GTCL and LTCL. More recently, she achieved a Masters degree with distinction at Canterbury Christ Church University, studying with David Campbell.


Book chapters

  • Contributed to entries on Besson & Co. and Hawkes & Son for the next edition of Grove

Conference and seminar papers

  • 'Howell J, Myers A, 'Hawkes & Son: Image and Reality', AMIS-CIMCIM Conference Metropolitan Museum of Art and Manhattan School of Music, New York, 15-20 May 2012.