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About City

Joanna Bailie

PhD student

Department of Music

E: Joanna.Bailie.1@city.ac.uk

Title of thesis: Transcribing Reality: how sampling in audio and visual media transform the way we perceive

Supervisors: Newton Armstrong and Miguel Mera

Overview and research interests

Joanna is undertaking an intermedial, practice-based investigation into the 'transcription' that takes place when reality is captured and recorded by various types of media. She focuses on artworks that foreground this process of transcription, as well as examining what these works might mean in terms of showing us how media function and helping the spectator to liberate him or herself. The works in question are drawn from across artistic disciplines and include my own compositions and audio-visual installations.

Research interests:

  • Contemporary composition
  • Field recording,
  • Audio-visual art and intermedia.

Higher educational background:

Undergrad student at Newcastle University, electronic music course at the Department of Sonology in the Royal Conservatory of The Hague, Masters in composition at Columbia University, New York.


  • "Squeezing out the music from real sound" at the Darmstadt International Summer Course for New Music July 2012. "Using the discrete to discover the transient" at the Conference for the International Society for Intermedial Studies in Cluj-Napoca, October 2013. A list of concerts and showings of Joanna's work is available on her website.


3rd Year Instrumental and vocal composition