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About City

Jennifer Lee

DMA student

Department of Music

E: jihyun0610@hotmail.com

Title of thesis: Unsuk Chin, Korean Woman Composer

Supervisors: Professor Rhian Samuel and Dr Alexander Lingas

Overview and research interests

This thesis discusses the piano repertoire of a Korean woman composer, Unsuk Chin (1961- ), centrally exploring Chin's music and investigating the influence from her former teacher, Gyögy Ligeti, one of the most controversial composers of the 21st century. This thesis also largely incorporates issues linked with gender in music both in the past and in the contemporary society.

  • Performing musicology
  • Contemporary music
  • Women in music
  • Virtuosity
  • Korean music
  • Folk music

Jennifer has an MMus Performance with distinction from Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and a BMus from Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand


Piano teacher at Jersey Academy of Music (Channel Islands)