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About City

Anastasia Hasikou

PhD student

Department of Music

E: anastasiahasikou@hotmail.com

Title of thesis: The social history of musical development of the Greek Cypriot community in Cyprus during the British colonial period (1878-1960)

Supervisor: Dr Alexander Lingas

Overview and research interests

The research draws on products of the printing press of Cyprus that describe the musical activity of the inhabitants during the period 1878-1960. The thesis examines the social and economical aspects that interrelate with the development of the music and the impact of the British colonialism on the development of the music culture in Cyprus. It focuses on the stratification of the Greek Cypriot society during the British colonial period and examines the music of the different social classes separately.

  • Sociology of music
  • Ethnomusicology
  • Traditional music
  • Music education

Anastasia has a PGCE in Music, an MA in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Music Studies, a BA in Music (1st), BA in Political Science, and an HND in Music Studies.


  • Arte Music Academy: The social aspects of musical development of the Greek Cypriot Community in Cyprus during the early British Colonial Period (1878-1914).
  • Dance for Peace conference: The contribution of the neighbouring area in the shaping of the traditional Music culture in Cyprus and the Folklore Research.


Arte Music Academy Nicosia