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About City

Research students

The Department of Music at City, University of London has a large and diverse research community. All students benefit from participation in a weekly research seminar series, attended by both staff and student researchers across the Department. Other events held across the year include a public concert series, a summer festival, specialist seminars with invited distinguished guests, and student performances.

The Department also organises specific research training sessions for Music research students, which deal with self-management issues, submissions, post-educational planning, preparing papers and/or proposals for consideration and how to approach publishers (both academic and music publishers). All research students are allocated funds to enable them to attend conferences and present papers and must also present at least one paper every year as part of the Department's seminar series.

Here are some of the research students currently studying towards (or having recently completed) a research degree or DMA in music at City.

Current Music research students

Name Topic
Marta Albright Autran Dourado Interpretative study of Camargo Guarnierie's (1907-1993) Sonata for violoncello and piano and his Choro for cello and orchestra based on analyses of existing recordings and analyses of editions
Mitra Alice ThamLisztian Legacy and the Grotesque in Prokoffiev's Piano Music
Roya Arab The female voice and musical performance in Iranian films
Elizabeth Black From Fusion to Stratification: an examination of textural relationships in instrumental composition
Bozhidar ChapkanovHarmony and Tonality in Liszt's Late Piano Music - Functional and Transformational Analytical Perspectives
Gilberto Dos SantosRandomness as compositional tool for automatic instrumental music
Christine Dysers (Re)Writing History. The Music of Bernhard Lang
Jonathan HigginComposing with Noise
Leo HofmannTBC
Alice Jeffreys Emergent Temporal Paradoxes in Listening
Can LiPerspectives on the Performance Aesthetic of Ferdinand David
Soosan Lolavar Contemporary Composition in Iran: Creative, Social and Political Exchange
Gabrielle Messeder ‘Brazilian Musical Encounters in Lebanon’
Christopher MorrisMetal Onna-bugeisha: Japanese women and the challenge to hegemonic masculinity in heavy metal’s transnational flow
Ivan PenevLiszt's "Apres Une Lecture du Dante" - a Theoretical Study of its Formal Features and a Practical Interpretation of Selected Expressive Devices.
Georgia Rodgers Spatial experience in instrumental and electro-instrumental music
Marie Saunders An exploration of the role of Scottish Music in the construction and negotiation of a Scottish identity among the Scottish diaspora in London
Georgios Savvas Greek Diatonicism In Western & Byzantine Music Theory (9th-13th cc.): Mathematical Nature, Interpretations, Deviations and Performance Practice
Andrew Simmons Long-range Strategies in Film Scoring: Thematic Distribution Across Narrative Structures
Shirley SmartTBC
Natalie Tsaldarakis Gordon Green and his contribution to the ‘Manchester School’ of pianism
Maria TsangariTBC

City Music research alumni

Name Topic
Spyridon Antonopoulos The Life and Works of Manuel Chrysaphes the Lampadarios, and the Figure of Composer in Late Byzantium
Marios AristopoulosHow does music affect user action and user experience in Massive Multiplayer Online video games?
Joanna BailieTranscribing Reality: how sampling in audio and visual media transform the way we perceive
Seth Ayyaz Bhunnoo'Embodied listening': biopsychosocial approaches to the acousmatic in performance-composition practices
L. Donat Berkoz A gendered musicological study of the work of four leading female singer-songwriters: Laura Nyro, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush and Tori Amos
Liam Cagney Synthesis and Deviation:New Perspectives on the Emergence of the French courant spectral, 1969-74
William Davy ColeEnvironments for Active Listening
Miranda Crowdus 'Building the House Anew' with Trans-National Musical Collaborations: Music Communities, Politics and Social Protest in the South Tel Aviv-Yafo Underground
Katherine De La Matter Domenico Scarlatti's Tolomeo et Alessandro: an investigation and critical edition
Mario Ferraro Contemporary music-drama in London
Christina Georgiou An investigation of editing, printing and publishing practices in context from the 18th century until today. Case study: Mozart's Piano Sonatas
Tanya Goldberg The transition and re-evaluation of female violin soloists in late 19th and early 20th century
Owen Green Approaches to collaborative play in live electronics, emergent systems, theories of practice, improvisation
Guy Harries Electroacoustic composition and disseration on embodied listening and performance in relation to technology
Anastasia Hasikou The social history of musical development of the Greek Cypriot community in Cyprus during the British colonial period (1878-1960)
Rachel Hayward The steel pan in Britain and Europe
Jocelyn Howell  Wind instrument design and manufacture at Boosey & Hawkes and its associated companies: a corporate history
Holly Ingleton Composing Paradoxes: Feminist Process in Sound Arts and Experimental Music
Ikuko Inoguchi The notion of time in the piano works of John Cage, George Crumb, and Toru Takemitsu and how to respond to it in performance
Alex Jeffery   Beyond the concept album: locating the text in musical transmedia narratives from 1969 to the present day
Alexander Karpeev New Light on Nikolay Medtner as Pianist and Teacher. The Edna Iles Medtner Collection (EIMC) at the British Library
Andrew LambertAn Entrainment Based Approach to Generative Music
Mark Lawrence The choral music of Veljo Tormis
Sam MackayMusic, modernity and urban change in contemporary Marseille
Christina Michael Contemplating Genre and Identity in Greek Popular Song: The Theatrical Compositions of Manos Hadjidakis (1944-1966)
Jennifer Lee A Study of the Korean woman composer, Unsuk Chin, and her Piano Études
Erik Nyström Textural spatiality, structure and process in acousmatic music
Aki Pasoulas Electroacoustic composition. The perception and structuring of time in electroacoustic music
Mark Porter That's not my music: experiences of Contemporary Worship Music in relation to extra-ecclesiastical musical attachments
Sophie Ransby (nee Clark) An investigation into the emergence of notation in Surakarta, Central Java, and its implications for the transmission of Gamelan music as an oral tradition
Vasileios Ratzis Alfred Cortot's response to the music for solo piano of Franz Schubert: a study in performance practice
Joanne Richardson Dissertation on the modern piano quintet,with particular emphasis on works by Ades, Goehr, Bacewicz and Gubaidulina
Ben Schoeman Pedagogical elements in the piano music of Stefans Grové and their impact on the education of pianists in South Africa
Ambrose Seddon Recurrence in acousmatic music
Adam Stansbie Current research focuses upon the metaphysics of electroacoustic music
Christopher Suckling Towards a rediscovery of chordal recitative accompaniment by the violoncellist
Emaeyak SylvanusNollywood film music: Shades of identity
Sini Timonen Female Popular Musicians in England, 1962-1971: A Musicological Oral History
Martin Vishnick A Survey of Extended Techniques on the Classical Six-String Guitar with Appended Studies in New Morphological Notation
Annie Yim   Robert Schumann's musical-aesthetical influence on Brahms's Piano Trio in B major, Op. 8 [1854 version] as illustrated by Schumann's Piano Trio in D minor, Op. 63
Karin WeissenbrunnerLive Performances with Second Hand Technology – Analysis and methodological considerations
Stephen Wilford   Bledi Cockneys: Music, Identity and Mediation in Algerian London