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About City

Sound Practice and Research at City

SPARC (Sound Practice And Research at City) investigates the boundaries between improvisation, performance, sound art and composition. We consider the role that technological developments play in these contemporary music practices.

The research centre benefits from our thriving music department at City, which places particular emphasis on practice as research. SPARC contributes to the musical life in London with public events and provides a home for ensembles-in-residence, visiting fellows and guest artists.

The aims of SPARC are

  • to promote dialogue, debate and creative activity around sound and composition practices ,
  • to advance the emerging field of interdisciplinarity within new music and sound practices,
  • to enrich and strengthen the expansive context in which todays compositional practice takes place,
  • to encourage and foster a collaborative approach to contemporary music and sound art research.

To find out more about the activities of SPARC visit sparc.london