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Global political economy: contemporary approaches

Module outline and aims

This module has been designed as part of the revision of the structure of the MA GPE programme in the department. The changes are largely informed by increasing popularity of the programme and recently expanded expertise in the area in the Department.

This module will serve as a conceptual and theoretical introduction for you into the field of (global) political economy. It surveys the three main traditions of scholarship in political economy (mainstream, institutionalist and Marxist), and allows you to critically engage with different schools of thought on the evolution of capitalism, its economic and political forms, and its key issues. The module is distinct in its focus on paradigmatic approaches to the study and the field of political economy and its contemporary orientation (20th century onwards).

Content outline (indicative) 

Week 1. Three paradigms of political economy (Equilibrium; exploitation; transaction)
Week 2. Systemic approaches (theories of cooperation)
Week 3. Rational choice: domestic approaches
Week 4. Constructivism
Week 5. Imperialism, world system, dependency
Week 6. Reading week
Week 7. Historical materialism
Week 8. French regulation school
Week 9. Futurity and Capitalism
Week 10. Institution/ transaction, causation
Week 11. Ecological approaches to political economy.