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Analysing data: qualitative and quantitative methods

This practical module will introduce and familiarise you with how to analyse qualitative and quantitative data. You will learn the basics of NVIVO (a specialist software package for qualitative data) and SPSS (a specialist software package for quantitative data). For NVIVO, you will learn how to create a project, gather source materials, create tree nodes, cases and attributes and simple coding procedures.

For SPSS, you will be introduced to data structure focusing on qualitative and quantitative variables, dependent/independent variables and multivariate data. Furthermore, you will become familiar with exploratory data analysis, simple statistics (means, standard deviations, standard error), statistical inference, parametric and non-parametric one and two sample tests, one way analysis of variance, contingency table analysis and linear regression.

This module will lay the foundations for Statistical Modelling and will equip you with the necessary practical skills to analyse, disseminate and critically evaluate qualitative and quantitative data using specialist computer software.