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Feminist literary revision and feminist translation theory

Feminist approaches consider the visibility of women in language and culture, analysing representations of women and constructions of femininity in literature and how theoretical frameworks capture unequal power relations. Fairy tales have been the subject of much criticism for their conservative gender agenda and revisioned fairy tales redress the gender imbalance. Karen Seago analyses how didactic notions of gender are encoded into fairy tales, moving from a wide spectrum of plots and heroines in oral tales to strictly enforced gender norms in print collections and translations and how twentieth century authors revision these traditional tales. Let Sleeping Beauties Lie? On the difficulties of revisioning the tale. addresses this process in the work of Angela Carter and Sheri S Tepper, while ‘Intertextuality and the Fairy tale’ shows how Angela Carter uses oral versions of well-known stories to construct gender-critical fairy tales for adults in The Bloody Chamber. ‘Proto-feminist translation strategies?’ and ‘Theorising prefeminist translation practice’ analyse women-oriented strategies deployed by two nineteenth century translators and establishes the limitations of feminist translation theory in capturing pre-feminist translatorial interventions.

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  • Topics: translation