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Soothsayers of Doom symposium

City University London hosted an international symposium, Soothsayers of Doom: the media and the financial crisis in historical and comparative perspective, on 12-13 December 2011.

Keynote address: Lionel Barber

Watch highlights of the keynote address delivered by Lionel Barber, Editor of the Financial Times:

Read Lionel Barber's lecture in full:

Closing discussion

Watch the closing discussion, The Future of Business Journalism: lessons from the financial crisis, with panelists Prof. Steve Schifferes (City University London), John Lloyd (FT and Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford), Prof. Roy Greenslade (City University London), William Keegan (The Observer), and Charles Goodhart (LSE and former member, MPC):

Further reading

Full list of panellists and speakers

Keynote: Lionel Barber, Editor, Financial Times

Panel 1: How Did We Do? Reflections from, Politicians, Bankers and Journalists (Chatham House rules)

  • Chair: Prof Richard Roberts, ICH, Kings College London
  • Brandon Davies, Gatehouse Bank (former treasurer Barclays Bank)
  • Peter Thal Larsen, Assistant Editor, Reuters Breakingviews
  • Hugh Pym, Chief Economics Correspondent, BBC News
  • Catherine MacLeod, Political Advisor to Alistair Darling (2007-2010)
  • John Plender, columnist, Financial Times

Session 1: Comparative Perspectives

  • Chair: Wolfgang Munchau, Financial Times
  • Angel Arrese (Navarra): The Spanish Press and the Financial Crisis
  • Stylianos Papathanassopoulos (Athens): The Greek Crisis and the European Media
  • Mark O'Brien (Dublin City University): The Irish Press and the Financial Crisis
  • Dean Starkman (Columbia School of Journalism): The US Media and the Crisis

Session 2: Theoretical Perspectives

  • Chair: Professor Howard Tumber, City University London
  • Aeron Davis (Goldsmiths): The Influence of the PR Industry
  • Peter Thompson (Auckland): Journalists, Traders and the Crisis
  • Gerben Bakker (LSE): Do News Providers Make Money from Crises?
  • Prof. Steve Schifferes (City University London): The Audience View of Financial News

Session 3: Historical Perspectives

  • Chair: David Kynaston
  • Dwyane Winseck (Carleton, Canada): The 19th Century Internet: the Undersea Cable and the World Financial Crisis of 1873
  • James Nye (ICH, King's College London):  From Boom to Bust: Speculators, Promoters and Journalists in the City in the 1890s
  • Richard Roberts (ICH, King's College London): The Press and the Financial Crisis of 1914
  • Dilwyn Porter (DeMontfort): London's Financial Press and the Suez Crisis
  • Duncan Needham (Cambridge): The UK Media and the l976 IMF Crisis

Panel 2: The Future of Business Journalism: Lessons from the Crisis

  • Chair: Prof Steve Schifferes, City University London
  • John Lloyd (FT and Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, Oxford)
  • Prof. Roy Greenslade (City University London, School of Journalism)
  • William Keegan (The Observer)
  • Charles Goodhart (LSE and former member, MPC)