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About City

Aurora Herrera

Journalism department

E: aurora.herrera@city.ac.uk

Supervisors: Zahera Harb and Claire De Than

PhD Title: An analysis of defamation law in Caribbean and how it affects the practice of journalism.

Brief description of research topic

In 2016, all 16 independent Caribbean states maintain some form of punishment for defamation. All of these states carry the possibility of at least one year of jail time. In some, journalists can be put in prison for five to seven years.

Many civil and intergovernmental organisations see these laws as a way to stamp out government criticism by intimidating journalists. How can journalists do serious investigative reporting when there is an opposition to FOI and potential threat to their lives? These laws are seen by many as an insult to democracy and incompatible with the notion of free speech.

Simultaneously a pattern has emerged as part of the media rhetoric from government bodies; journalists need more training as well as regulation. 

This research seeks to outline a balanced case for the repeal of defamation laws in the Caribbean.

Research Interests

  • Journalism
  • Media Ethics
  • Media Law.


  • University of Toronto Journalism Specialist



Published work

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Blogger 2013-2016 - Over 50 pieces

University of Toronto at Scarborough – Office of the Principal

Writer - 19 pieces

Broadcast Media

XVI international AIDS conference – writer, interviewer

Pan Am games –producer, scriptwriter, host

Toronto FC – host, scriptwriter

Why here?–voiceover, scriptwriter

Student life – director, scriptwriter, host

Showcase enviroment – host

Public Presentations and Conference Papers Given

  • Leadership Development Programme - October 21st 2008
    University of Toronto at Scarborough

    Media Relations
  • Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought: Beyond Gender Negotiations - November 6th 2015
    Indo-Caribbean Feminisms: A Literary Evening