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Research Students

Current Journalism Research Students

Taner DoganCommunication Strategies of the Ak Party in Turkey.
Aurora HerreraAn analysis of defamation law in Caribbean and how it affects the practice of journalism.
Aleksandra (Sasha) RaspopinaRT and Russian soft power and public diplomacy: characteristics, patterns, goals. A study of RT website content in Russian and English.
Katie TomsObscenity versus objectification: A feminist reading of Leveson and its aftermath.
Matt WalshThe use of social media and disintermediated communication by politicians and the impact on the fact-checking, gate-keeping and agenda-setting functions of political journalism.

Recently Completed Journalism Research Students

Aljosha Karim SchapalsSourcing practices and verification challenges:  An exploration into journalistic work practices by UK-based correspondents during the 2011 Egyptian revolution
Natalie PeckDrawing back the curtain: a post-Leveson examination of celebrity, privacy and press intrusion.