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About City

Journalism Alumni

Find out more about our graduates from City's BA in Journalism.

James Cambridge

I feel like the skills have acquired are very versatile and could lead me into other avenues of journalism in the future.

Kiran Kaur

There is no doubt journalism graduates will walk away with the knowledge and understanding that is expected in the industry today.

Lalah Springer

Without City, University of London I don't think I would have had the versatility to jump right into this role following graduation.

Kirsty Whalley

City's practical approach to teachingjournalism meant I started my first job as a trainee on a local paper with the tools I needed.

Lucy Thomas

Lucy chose City for its reputation as an excellent place to study Journalism

Find out more about our graduates from City's postgraduate Journalism courses

Dr Sophie Raworth

Sophie Raworth was given an Award of Doctor of Arts honoris causa by City in 2013.

Manisha Jha

The Financial Journalism MA gave me the practical training to land my dream job.

Mitali Patel

Presenting the news on the world's biggest financial news network.

Rhiannon Mills

Rhiannon has worked for Sky News since 2010 and at the start of the year became the channel’s Royal Correspondent.

Adrian Bradley

When you're looking for work experience, having City on your CV gets you through the door

Abby Young-Powell

I met some brilliant people during my Journalism degree, of whom later became colleagues.

Kaya Burgess

Making a difference in the way news and features are written and presented.

Anne Faber

“City was a great stepping stone, who could have known that five years later I'd have my own cooking show!"

Nicole Young

60 Minutes producer Nicole Young is an 11 time Emmy winner but before that she was an MA International Journalism student at City.

Lily Thomas

'At first it was something I was always nervous about, but now it excites me that it is something that I will be doing in the near future.'