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About City

Shreeya Kashyap

Department of International Politics

E: Shreeya.kashyap@city.ac.uk

PhD Title: Drivers and dynamics of Mechanisms of Money Laundering: The case of India

Supervisors: Dr. Ronen Palan and Mr. Richard Murphy

Research Interests

  • Tax Havens
  • Informal Economy
  • International Political Economy
  • Public Policy
  • Economic History


  • PhD Candidate International Politics, City, University of London
  • MA International Political Economy, University of Warwick
  • BA (hons) Political Science, University of Delhi


The Making of Modern World Economy (2 terms)


  • A framework for Islamic Finance in India. Publisher – South Asia Politics (2015)
  • How is Environmental Degradation a second crisis of Capitalism? Publisher – South Asia Politics (2014)
  • AREVA in Niger (2010). Publisher- Greenpeace India
  • Is This The Company we want making Nuclear Reactors in India? (2010). Publisher- Greenpeace India
  • BP V/S BHOPAL (2010). Publisher- Greenpeace India
  • Women’s Reservation Bill In India (2010) Publisher - College journal ‘DEMOS’
  • An Alternative Approach to Food Security in India (2011)  Publisher - College journal ‘DEMOS’