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About City

Seila Panizzolo

Department of International Politics

E: seila.panizzolo@city.ac.uk

PhD title: Concepts of national identity through public diplomacy strategies in selected Arab Gulf states.

Supervisors: Prof. Rosemary Hollis and Dr. Sara Silvestri

Overview and research interests

Seila holds a Bachelor Degree in International Relations from the University of Padua, a Certificate of Political Studies from the Institute of Political Studies of Grenoble, a Master’s Degree in Political Communication from the Free University of Brussels and a Master’s Degree in Political Science from the Catholic University of Louvain.

Seila’s research focuses on the smaller Emirates of the Arab Gulf and particularly on their national identity and state notions and on the British legacy in their region. These elements are explored through a case study on the Gulf countries’ public diplomacy strategy that employs English speaking news material.

Research interests:

  • Gulf Studies
  • Political Communication
  • International Relations of the Middle East
  • National Identity in the Arab Muslim World


Emerging Powers/Emerging Issues (IP1019)