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About City

Sahra Taylor

PhD Student / Doctoral Researcher

Department of International Politics

E: sahra.taylor.1@city.ac.uk

PhD title: The Role of Education in the creation of a Cosmopolitan Identity, and Global Society

Supervisor: Dr Tom Davies, Aggie Hirst and Joe Hoover

Overview and research interests

Sahra's research involves the analysis and re-presentation of contemporary and Enlightenment cosmopolitan theory as both containing critical elements and at its core as a pedagogical theory and exercise for identity formation, development and global interaction.

Whilst much of contemporary research and practice involves the exploration of global issues, such as global governance, global management, international human rights, just war theory and immigrant rights, Sahra's divergent approach is exploring identity politics and the creation of the cosmopolitan individual as a political act of power, and as a precursor to a Cosmopolitan world. From this, Sahra is developing Cosmopolitan Theory as a critical theory, connecting the historical arguments of The Enlightenment philosophers Immanuel Kant and Johann Herder to contemporary political theory, and expanding upon Benhabib, Delanty, and Ingram's theoretical developments of critical cosmopolitanism.

Sahra obtained a mediocre BSc in Energy Management from Leicester University in 1996, before pursuing a wildly inappropriate career as a Consulting Civil Engineer.

She finally returned to University and obtained a 1st in International Politics at City University in 2014, graduated top of her class and was awarded the 2014 City University International Politics Prize for her Dissertation: Education, The Forgotten Fundamental in 18th Century Cosmopolitan Theory.

She is currently in receipt of a City University PhD Studentship, and was PhD student representative 2015-16.

Research interests

  • Cosmopolitan Theory
  • International Relations Theory
  • Critical Theory
  • Enlightenment Philosophy
  • Political Theory
  • Political Philosophy


  • 2014 - Bsc (Hons) International Politics, City University (1st)
  • 1997 - Bsc (Hons) Environmental Studies, Leicester University (2:ii)


  • International Political Theories (IP1015)
  • Myths and Mysteries of Global Politics (IP1014)

Public Presentations and Conference Papers Given

“Re-interpreting Kant's philosophy of Cosmopolitanism: Elitism, Providence, and Education” Keynote presentation at the Philosophy as Lived Experience Conference, Tilos, Greece (June 2017)

“Queering Cosmopolitanism?” Presented at the 'Political Sociologies of the Cultural Encounter' Chris Rumford Symposium, Royal Holloway University (May 2017)

“The Enlightenment, Education and Cosmopolitanism: Herder” Presented at the Philosophy of Education Seminar Series, Institute of Education, UCL,  (April 2016)