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About City

Pat Finlow

PhD Student

Department of International Politics

E: Patricia.Finlow.1@city.ac.uk

Thesis title: What is the Contribution of Faith Groups to Non-Religious Transnational Social Movements?

Supervisors: Dr Sara Silvestri and Dr Tom Davies

Overview and research interests

Pat's research aims to identify if faith groups have a particular or distinctive role to play in the attainment of a secular movement's goals and objectives, this being a different focus to the role and impact of faith in an organisation's operational activities. To do this, Pat is conducting an historical comparison case study of two INGOs chosen because of the similarity of their objectives and histories, but with religion as an independent variable, comparing the changing nature of their work as well strategic and structural changes since they began.

Pat also holds a M.A. in Political Communications and Society from City University.

Research interests:

  • Faith and Politics
  • Social Movements
  • Networks