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About City

Martina Raskovska

PhD student; Visiting researcher

Department of International Politics

E: Martina.Raskovska.1@city.ac.uk

Thesis title: Political and international legal aspects of the creation and of the recognition of a State.

Overview and research topics

Martina is a PhD student at Matej Bel University, Faculty of Political Sciences and International Relations in Banská Bystrica, Slovakia, where she also gained a BA in Law and a MA in International Relations.

She is a Visiting Researcher at City for four months researching issues concerning statehood, secession and recognition. Her supervisor is Dr Gemma Collantes-Celador.

Her doctoral thesis 'Political and international legal aspects of the creation and of the recognition of a State', focuses on both theoretical and practical aspects, as well as the relation between theory and practice of other States (the international community).

Focused on three Sub-Saharan African countries - Eritrea, South Sudan and unrecognized Somaliland, Martina looks at research of statehood (criteria of modern and traditional), theories of recognition, and theoretical aspects of secession. She also considers several aspects that have had an influence on behaviour of other States in the process of accepting newly created States.

Martina's other research interests include: Public international law, statehood, secession, Sub-Saharan Africa and de-facto States.


Conference papers

  • "Secesia - pravny ci politicky problem?" (Secession - legal or political issue?), in Jaroslav Usiak, Jana Lasicova, David Kollar (eds.), Bezpecnostne forum 2012. 1. zvazok. (Security forum 2012. 1st volume.) (Banská Bystrica: Matej Bel University, 2012).
  • "Somaliland - problematika jeho ne/uznania" (Somaliland and its non/recognition), in Ekonomicke, politicke a pravne otazky medzinarodnych vztahov 2012. (Economic, political and legal aspects of international relations 2012) (Bratislava: EKONÓM Publishing, 2012).
  • "The role of the Visegrad Group", in Ivana Demcikova, Michaela Bohacikova, Martina Raskovska, Michal Raskovsky (eds.) Tantamount In Dviersity. (Banská Bystrica: Matej Bel University, 2012).
  • "Autonomna oblast Sin-Tiang - cinske ohnisko napatia" (Xinjiang Autonomous Region - a Chinese tension point), in Rudolf Sulík, Simona Kovavova, Tomas Rakonczay (eds.), Interpolis 2011. (Banská Bystrica: Matej Bel University, 2011).